International Conference on Higher Education Reform
Towards Joint Regional Roadmap in Higher Education Structural Reforms
Petrovac, Montenegro, Hotel Palace, 23-26 May 2012

organized under the scheme of STREW Tempus project;
an event sustaining Novi Sad Initiative


Ministry of Education and Sport, Montenegro
University of Montenegro

Ministry of Education and Sport, Montenegro
University of Montenegro
University of Novi Sad

Regional Cooperation Council
Novi Sad Initiative

Bologna Secretariat
Regional Cooperation Council
Swedish National Agency for Higher Education
Irish Higher Education Authority
Ministry of Science and Research, Austria
Ministry of Education and Science, Albania
Agency for Development of HE and QA, B&H
Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Srpska, B&H
Ministry of Education and Sports, Montenegro
Commission for Accreditation and QA, Serbia
Middlesex University, London
Dublin Institute of Technology
University of Stockholm
Aleksandër Moisiu University, Durrës
University of Tirana
University St. Kliment Ohridski, Bitola
University Goce Delčev, Štip
University of Montenegro
University of Sarajevo
University of Banja Luka
University of Mostar
University of Belgrade
University of Novi Sad
State University of Novi Pazar

Tempus IV Programme
King Baudouin Foundation
Open Society Foundation - Serbia

Predrag Miranović, Rector
   University of Montenegro

Biljana Mišovic, Senior advisor
   Ministry of Education and Sport, Montenegro

Mubera Kurpejovic, Deputy Minister for Higher Education
   Ministry for Education and Sport, Montenegro

Ladislav Novak, Coordinator
   “Novi Sad Initiative“ and STREW Tempus project
   University of Novi Sad

Biljana Mišović, Senior advisor
   Ministry of Education and Sport , Montenegro

Lennart Ståhle, Deputy University Chancellor
   Swedish National Agency for Higher Education

Sigurd Höllinger
   Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research

Ligia Deca, Coordinator
    Bologna Follow-Up Group Secretariat

Mladen Dragašević, Head of Unit
    Regional Cooperation Council

Vinayagum Chinapah, Head of IIE
    University of Stockholm

Veljko Malbaša, Head of Department
    University of Novi Sad


Petrovac Conference on Higher Education provided platform for discussion on the operational framework of the national higher education systems in WB region and to benchmark their current systems and policy in terms of professionalisation of public management and administration of higher education, public-private balance and a collective convergence to EHEA via new regional institutionalised arrangements.

Conference conclusions have provided valuable inputs in the course of development of joint roadmap on structural higher education reform in the Region, building on rich and diverse regional academic heritage and clear democratic will of regional authorities to continue to work together in partnership, assisting one another in the efforts, promoting the exchange of good practice, facilitating mobility and strengthening Europe's attractiveness and competitiveness.

This is a part of activities under the scheme of STREW Tempus Project and can be seen as a follow up of the following events organised under the scheme of ‘Novi Sad initiative’:

Conference gathered participants representing a variety of institutions, experiences and responsibilities including representatives of international organizations, higher education authorities, universities and NGO’s.

Three events, related to the STREW project, were collocated to the Petrovac Conference

  • Meeting of Strategic Working Group
  • Meeting of Rectors Working Group
  • Steering Committee Meeting